Who We Are

We are a team of driven and capable humans with an entrepreneurial spirit and a servant attitude.

We come to work every day excited to collaborate with others and curious to understand their needsEven complex challenges are opportunities for growth and accomplishment –   We know that excellent customer service can make any business excellent. 

We want to contribute our knowledge and expertise to our community.    We are a HIPAA Compliant woman-owned company in the third generation.   #startedonaparkbench

Origin Story

In the early 50’s,  Ma Bell (A colloquial nickname for Southern Bell – AT&T today) handled the answering service for Asheville, NC.

They were anxious to get out of that business,  so they approached Ernie Daniels who had a secretarial service in town and said that they would give him all of the equipment (yes,  think cord boards – “one ringy dingy”) if he would take over that line of business.

Being the consummate entrepreneur,  he agreed and Daniels Answering Service was launched.

Our Target Market

Growth motivated companies with specific, complex communication needs and defined project timeframes.  

Mission Vision Values

Our Vision is to be your strategic partner.   Our Mission is to grow your business.

Our core values are:

Sense of Community, Integrity, Initiative, Customer Focus